Be honest with youself consult your Doctor

Be honest with yourself know your body, consult your doctor before taking our making any changes. I remember a time when I thought I had low testosterone my doctor ran some test and told me my testosterone levels are normal. I took the herbal medicine yohombine I started to produce more sperm than usual, I began leaking semen I found out this herbal medicine is good for impotence and it also raises your blood pressure. Don’t make the mistake of taking herbal medicine because its natural for you, You maybe on other medication that would affect your health. Herbal medicines are great but you still need to take caution and consult your doctor. Like I said yohombine worked, but I could put out a small forest fire if you know want I mean. I also tried Korean Red Genseng it worked wonders for me with no side effects. The corner store where I was purchasing my ginseng from the owner who was Korean said to me that’s junk the real ginseng is medicine cost about $50 to $100.00 so took a trip to Korea town in Los Angeles California and sure enough it was right there I bought tea for $50.00 and the Liquid it was a very big difference. I also had the same problem with Maca Root it was not in its purest forum there is also the Chinese medicine horny goat weed (Yin Yang Hou) and yes a Chinese herder notice his goats were getting horny when they ate this weed, and there is Tongkat Ali in some parts of the world this herb is know as homegrown Viagra.

There are lots of key ingredients in our foods that play a key part in having a healthy libido, Like they say you are what you eat. Think about your day for a moment? Breakfast, do you grab a cup of coffee and a donuts? ( caffeine and sugar ), and for lunch you go to your favorite fast food restaurant? and after dinner a night cap or a cold one while you relax a combination of all these things can destroy your libido over time giving you erectile dysfunction. There are key ingredients in our food that helps us maintain a healthy libido in almost every category there are foods that could boost our libido such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and even dark chocolate etc. When going grocery shopping or eating out at our favorite retaurants we should be selecting libido foods items . Most Americans are just not making the right choices we let our taste buds rule us and that’s how we make our choices. Eat to live and not live to eat.

The first thing we need to do is to create a grocery list of foods that help maintain a healthy libido like spinach, Broccoli, Kale, and Asparagus etc. Ounce you began to change your diet your body will start to respond. You will need to cut out some food items with saturated fats, fried chicken? french fries. So create your grocery list and I will give you mind.